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What to do if your computer freezes during System Restore?

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I'm having problems with my computer. Not sure what happened, but things were coming up blank after the Windows logo screen. It just happened all of a sudden yesterday when I logged out of the current user. I came back and it was blank. I could still see and use the mouse, but nothing else. And every time I restart the computer, it gets me to the Windows logo screen, with the little moving progress bar, and then after that it's all blank except for the mouse.  So I entered Safe Mode, and fired up System Restore. I chose a restore point and hit next. It went into it's process, but now with about 4/5 of the "Restoring Files" progress bar done, it has just frozen. I can move the mouse and everything, but it hasn't moved in 10 minutes or more.  Is it safe to turn off the computer and go back into Safe Mode? Should I wait it out? I'm so frustrated because I had some things to get done and this has never happened before. 
Any ideas? 

Please help. 

I didn't find the right solution from the Internet. 

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