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TL;DR: при машинном распознавании текста фразы типа "in her arms" часто превращаются в "in her anus", чел поискал в коллекции Google Books:

Wives and Daughters: An Every-day Story‎ – Page 519
by Elizabeth Cleghorn Gaskell – 1890 – 637 pages
When the old servant opened the door, a lady with a child in her anus stood there. She gasped out her ready-prepared English sentence. …

The Atlantic Monthly‎ – Page 166
“… with the child in her anus, she followed her husband down-stairs, across the back-yard, hitting lier feet against stones and logs in the darkness, …”

The works of Daniel Defoe: with a memoir of his life and writings‎ – Page 46
by Daniel Defoe, William Hazlitt – 1840
But when the man who had the child in his anus, had been told by signs that this was the mother, he beckoned to have her come to him,

The Wesleyan-Methodist Magazine‎ – Page 433
“carried this child in his anus to Derry”

Waverley Novels: Library Edition‎ – Page 350
Walter Scott – 1853
“tne seeming parson took the child in his anus, and performed the ceremony of baptism,”

Dr. William Smith’s Dictionary of the Bible: Comprising Its Antiquities …‎ – Page 1824
by William George Smith, Horatio Balch Hackett, Ezra Abbot – Bible – 1888
Then she carried the child in her anus to her people; but they said that it was a strange thing she had done.


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2 hours ago, Страусбургер said:

Причем везде child ))

А чел искал фразу "child in his/her arms/anus" - почти 4 тыщи книг нашёл. Причём женские руки чаще мужских превращаются в анус - ох уж этот мизогинистический машин лёрнинг.

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17 минут назад, УЕБАН-2018 сказал:



Где ты взял фотку моей дальней пустыньки?!

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Просто забавно открытие.

 Многие русские поговорки на поверку оказываются английскими. Например, "извините за мой французский", в англиих так и говорят - sorry for my french. А сейчас узнал, что вроде бы чисто русское выражение - "был бы хуй у бабушки, она была бы дедушкой" тоже из британии. Чувак на 0.33 говорит "if your aunt had balls she would be your uncle"


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